Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations

WP4 - Scientific Dimension Overview


The purpose of WP 4 “Scientific dimension” is to analyse the past and current bi-regional relations in Science, Technology and Innovation across all levels in order to identify common drivers and challenges on every level. Through the results and outcomes, a comprehensive picture of the bi-regional STI collaboration will be developed, which will support the formulation of policy recommendations for this dimension.


The specific objectives of this WP are to:

  • make an inventory of relevant outcomes of EU-CELAC projects and scientific publications published in order to explore EU-CELAC STI relations and analyse its findings by
    • collecting the existing data
    • identifying its outputs and recommendations
    • compiling additional data
  • make a complementary analysis of different levels to fill the information and analysis gaps by studying
    • the mobility of professional personnel and students between both regions
    • research infrastructures
    • the effect of digital transformation
  • assess the perception of the bi-regional process on the political level
  • create a final synthesis report on STI relations containing the interpretations and suggestions 


  • What are best practices in EU-CELAC scientific relations?
  • Which are the challenges in the EU-CELAC scientific relations?
  • Which factors influence schemes of interaction between science and practice?
  • Which mechanisms enhance the involvement of social actors / think tanks in STI collaboration?
  • Do we experience an approximation or alienation between STI priority topics of the EU and CELAC policy strategies?
  • hat are the interests for scientific collaboration?

WP4 will analyse these questions under the lenses of the cross-cutting issues as well as with attention to certain issues of high priority in current discussions such as access to research infrastructures, digital transformation, mobility of persons and data, STI political framework conditions, etc.





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