Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


Sophie v. Knebel (
DLR Project Management Agency, Germany
May 2017

The EU‐CELAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI) was adopted in 2010 by the VI. EULatin‐American and Caribbean Summit, with the aim to deliver greater benefits from scientific cooperation between the two regions. The Senior Officials Meetings (SOM) with EU‐CELAC representatives was established as a regular bi‐regional dialogue on Science and Technology to consolidate EU‐CELAC cooperation in order to implement the JIRI. Five Working Groups in the following priority areas were established so far: Energy, Information and Communications Technology, Bioeconomy, Biodiversity & Climate Change and Health. Enhanced by the speech of Commissioner Moedas at the EU‐CELAC summit in June 2015, the idea of a EU‐CELAC common research area (CRA) was consolidated by agreeing on three strategic pillars at the EU‐CELAC SOM in March 2016: Mobility of Researchers, International outreach of Research Infrastructures and Increased thematic cooperation to address global challenges.

This year’s SOM took place in March 2017 in Brussels. It was co‐led by the European Commission (EC) and the CELAC pro‐tempore presidency of El Salvador. The main aim of the SOM was to present the progress made in implementing the CRA and discuss newly upcoming thematic priorities for the
bi‐regional cooperation.

EULAC Focus is a research project funded under Horizon2020 of the European Union for the period 2016‐2019 with a clear aim of strengthening the EU‐CELAC Strategic Partnership by reinvigorating and strengthening existing initiatives and proposing new and innovative areas of cooperation between both regions in the fields of culture, scientific cooperation and social issues. The three fields are connected by focusing on four cross‐cutting topics: Mobility, Inequality, Diversity and Sustainability.

The objective of this document is to outline, along the major discussions and outcomes of the EUCELAC SOM 2017, what EULAC Focus offers to implement the Common Research Area efficiently.

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