Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations

WP5 Social Dimension


The overall objective of this WP is to create, consolidate and disseminate a shared knowledge base on the historical development and current significance of the social dimension of EU-CELAC relations, and its potential for creating renewed sound bi-regional social cooperation agendas.

Specific objectives include

  • Identify those social policies in the different models of European Welfare State that are (and traditionally havI been) of particular interest for LAC countries. Simultaneously determine which Latin-American social policies (past and present) call (or should call) for attention in Europe, 
  • Analyse whether the social policies defined and implemented at EU level and, in particular, the EU policies for territorial cohesion still remain (or have ever been) inspiring models for LAC and if so in what way
  • Scrutinize how has evolved in both regions (still) the vision of societies based on social cohesion and shared democratic values.
  • Explore the major common challenges related to social cohesion and social inclusion that predominantly preoccupy both regions in the mid and long term.
  • Identify EU-CELAC common areas of collaboration and mutual influence for the construction of renewed social systems and define specific proposals and recommendations in order to strengthen the social dimension of EU – CELAC relations through dialogue and common initiatives.


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