Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations

WP3 Cultural Dimension


The main task of the WP on Cultural Relations is to obtain a clear map of the current and the historical expansion of the cultural dimension of EU-CELAC relationship with the objective to propose a wise action plan for its future development.

This WP explores also the general context of international cultural relations, both between the EU and other regions and between individual EU Member States and LAC countries, as well as those developed by different intergovernmental organizations or summits (UNESCO, Ibero-American Summits, Inter-American Development Bank, Organization of American States, among others).

In relation to the other sectorial work packages, the analysis of cultural
relations between EU and LAC countries has not benefitted from enough previous background attention and research. For this reason, the implementation of this WP will be particularly innovative and challenging. 



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