Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations

WP5 Results

The Social Dimension of the EU - Overview on its development, main instruments and future challenges

This document is a synapsis of a series of key documents and is not supposed to be a critical analysis of EU’s social dimension. In depth analysis of individual topics will be done subsequently in WP5 tasks. 

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Notes on The development of Social Policy in the Caribbean

The development of Social Policy in the former British Caribbean territories was influenced by several factors: their historical legacy; the local stimuli (e.g. civil revolts) and the international agendas of the developmental partners. 

This document is a synapsis prepared by Jessica Byron, Institute of International Relations, UWI St. Augustine, Trinidad, and Aldrie Henry-Lee, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Development (SALISES), UWI Mona, Jamaica.

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Meetings & Events

  • 11th of May 2017 - Chamber of Labour Austria: „Institutional power shifts in the EU and its consequences for social policy and gender relations“
  • 19th-21th of May 2017 - Annual Conference of the Association of Latin American studies in Austria: Partcicipation and presentation of first EULAC results in the Session: ¿De dónde vienes y a dónde vas? Migraciones transnacionales en/desde/hacia América Latina.




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4th EULAC-Focus project event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7th - 10th November 2017 more

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