Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations

WP7 - Dissemination Events

5-7 June 2018
5th Public Event: The UN Sustainable Development Goals: How do they frame social relations between the European Union (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)? More Details
23-26 May 2018
XXXVI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association: Barcelona, Spain More Details
18 April 2018
Seminario internacional "Desarrollo humano, interculturalidad y políticas sociales: experiencias y perspectivas desde América Latina y Europa": Lima, Peru More Details
21 December 2017
Workshop "Mobility, Inequality, Diversity and Sustainability in the Scientific Dimension of EU-CELAC Relations", Berlin, Germany More Details
23 November 2017
EULAC FOCUS PROJECT - Brazil in the context of EU – CELAC relations, Sao Paulo, Brazil More Details
8 November 2017
4th Public Event: Buenos Aires, Argentina - Public Panel Discussion on "Gender and transnational knowledge networks: status and participation in the international scientific exchange" More Details
5-6 October 2017
EULAC Academic & Knowledge Summit: Towards the construction of a Euro-Latin American and Caribbean common space of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, University of El Salvador More Details
12 July 2017
Public Discussion: ¿Cuál es el papel de la cultura en las relaciones entre la Unión Europea, América Latina y el Caribe? More Details
19 - 21 May 2017
Annual Conference of the Association of Latin American studies in Austria: Partcicipation and presentation of first EULAC results in the Session: ¿De dónde vienes y a dónde vas? Migraciones transnacionales en/desde/hacia América Latina More Details
11 May 2017
Chamber of Labour Austria: „Institutional power shifts in the EU and its consequences for social policy and gender relations“ More Details
29 March 2017
3rd Public Event: Quito, Ecuador - Public Panel Discussion on "Diversity and Inequality: Challenges for the Europe Union and Latin America & the Caribbean Relations” More Details
20 February 2017
Public Lecture: ¿Rebasar la brecha científica? La circulación de conocimiento como alternativa a la dependencia, Berlin, Germany More Details
28 November 2016
Public Lecture: "Europa – América Latina y el Caribe: ¿Asociación estratégica o distanciamiento paulatino?", Berlin, Germany More Details
29 August 2016
2nd Public Event: Berlin, Germany - Public Panel Discussion on “Mobility and the geopolitics of knowledge: Challenges of scientific exchange between EU and CELAC” More Details
4 April 2016
1st Public Event: Inaugural session, Madrid, Spain – Introduction and welcomes, The Horizon 2020 Programme and EULAC-Focus Project, the Horizon 2020 Programme and EULAC-Focus Project and Oportunidades de Cooperación Internacional en Investigación e Innovación en Reto Social 6: “Sociedades inclusivas, innovadoras y reflexivas” - H2020 More Details




Paper on Mapping the development of Open Access in Latin America and Caribbean countries published in Scientometrics journal more

Radio Carve Interview, Uruguay more

Participación de Simone Belli en la mesa redonda “Uso, apropiación e innovación de metodologías para la producción de conocimientos en psicología” en el I Congreso Internacional de Psicología en la Universidad de la República de Montevideo. more

EULAC-FOCUS research concludes that international collaboration improves production and impact more

Expo Study in Europe, Ecuador, September 2018 more

6th EULAC-Focus project event in Santiago, Chile, 4th -6th December 2018 more

5th EULAC-Focus project event in Vienna, Austria, 5th -7th June 2018 more

Public event: The UN Sustainable Development Goals: How do they frame social relations between the European Union (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)? more

The Cross-cutting Pathways of EU-CELAC Relations - Vienna meeting, 7 June 2018 more

Towards a Common Vision of EU-CELAC Relations - Vienna meeting, 7 June 2018 more