Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


EULAC FOCUS PROJECT - Brazil in the context of EU – CELAC relations

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Dates: 23/11/2017 14:00 -5 - 23/11/2017 16:30 -5


✓     Present and disseminate to the Brazilian academic community the EULAC FOCUS Project and its current results

✓     Analyse Brazil’s position in terms of institutionalised relationship in the political and legal context between EU and CELAC (and its LAC precursors).  

✓     Present the Brazilian vision and participation in the cultural, scientific and social relations and in the economic partnership developed between EU and LAC in the last decades. 

✓     Present researches developed inside the EU-LAC cooperation, with Brazilian participation, and its results.

✓      Present the cooperation between the two regions in Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, with Brazilian participation.

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Contact: Cecilia Yamanaka
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: +55-11-3091-5626 Cel
Address: IRI Instituto de Relações Internacionais da Universidade de São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil
Sala da Congregação 2º.Andar
Av. Prof. Lúcio Martins Rodrigues, s/n, travessas 4 e 5 - Cidade Universitária - CEP: 05508-020 - São Paulo-SP - Brasil
Country: Brazil
Status: Final

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