Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


4th EULAC-Focus project event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7th - 10th November 2017

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The EULAC-Focus Project partners will be meeting next week in the Argentine city of Buenos Aires, for the 4th technical project meeting. The meeting will provide continuity and analyze the progress of the planned programming in the different lines of work.

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Public meeting, "Gender and Transnational Knowledge Networks: Status and Participation in the international scientific exchange" 

8th November 2017, 18h30 - Library of C3 Institue, MINCYT, Buenos Aires

The EULAC-Focus Project and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MINCYT) together with the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) are pleased to invite you to attend the public meeting entitled "Gender and Transnational Knowledge Networks: Status and Participation in the international scientific exchange" to be held on 8th November 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Argentine capitale.

The event will be held at the Cultural Center of Science, C3, of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation on 8th November at 6:30 p.m.

Overview: The issue of gender equity is not an issue outside the world of science and technology; although women have a percentage of participating in research, female scientists are mostly at the base of the pyramid, and those who occupy the highest positions continue to be men. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, women make up only 30% of the world's workforce in research and experimental development (R & D); but, in addition, the way of collecting data on the field of Science Technology and Innovation makes invisible the issues, problems and responsibilities of women.

In this sense, EU LAC FOCUS Public Session will consist on a Panel will discuss around the role of female researchers in international scientific cooperation, specifically in their status and full participation in Transnational Knowledge Networks.

Some of the questions to be discussed will be: Which is the role of female researchers’ in international scientific cooperation? What are the main challenges of female researchers within knowledge Networks?

The panel will include an introduction with regards of the approach of crosscutting issues of EU LAC Focus and also a brief overview of UNESCO Project SAGA, whose main objective is to provide governments and policy makers with a variety of tools to reduce the global gender gap that exists today at all levels of education and research. This short overview will be followed by the discussions to discuss around the up above-mentioned questions.


  • Dra. Hebe Vessuri. (Investigadora Principal del CONICET, Premio John Bernal).
  • Dra. Erica Hynes, (Secretaria De Ciencia Y Técnica De La UNL)
  • Dra. Barbara Gobel (Director, IAI).

Patricia Goméz, (Secretaria de Investigaciones de la Red Argentina de Género, Ciencia y Tecnología).

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