Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


Analysis of EU-CELAC Collaboration in Science, Technology and Innovation

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The scientific and technological cooperation between LAC and the EU has been a priority, both at the bilateral, as well as at the bi-regional level, increasingly gaining importance and space in the bi-regional dialogue with an independent set of political STI collaboration agreements between the EU and Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, as well as an independent EU-CELAC STI Senior Officials Dialogue and a number of thematic or general support projects under the EU Framework Programmes.

The objective and mutual interest is not only to increase scientific knowledge, but also to tackle cross-border societal challenges such as climate change, sustaina Eble energy, health and other.

The analytical report, not yet finalized, includes an overall description of the STI landscape in LAC, and an analysis of the STI collaboration between EU and LAC, describing the cooperation in different levels and analysing the participation of LAC countries in the EU Framework Programmes.

Main findings:

  • A main feature of the cooperation in STI in LAC is a large heterogeneity in the level of development of the national systems
  • When looking at the bi-regional STI cooperation, the lack of a common organisation in LAC for research activities is a great barrier for bi-regional research activities between LAC and EU.
  • LAC participation in EU Framework Programmes is very heterogeneous and a general lack of knowledge of the programmes is perceived. Efforts should be made to increase awareness through dissemination events and material.

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