Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


Analyzing EU-LAC bi-regional scientific collaboration through co-publications

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Full report by Joan Baltà and Simone Belli, School of Design Engineering and Innovation, Yachay Tech can be downloaded from the EULAC-FOCUS website on

Cooperation in science has become increasingly important due to research networks and a shared vision that key societal challenges can only be addressed through science cooperation. Mapping bi-regional scientific collaboration demands multiple approaches to obtain a picture as complete as possible. The research conducted for Work Package 4 - Scientific dimension of EEULAC-FOCUS and the report written by Joan Baltà and Simone Belli sets out to analyze scientific publications listed by the Web of Science database which involves authors from EULAC countries between 2005 and 2016.

We have used the data analysis tool for Web of Science to obtain registers per country, years of publication and research areas for each sample. We have also considered the type of document, language, and organization for the EULAC sample. The registers have been analyzed with VOSviewer drawing a net of links among countries to identify starred countries and the strongest links of the net. 

The data obtained shows an evolving network of scientists of 214 different countries and territories. EULAC collaboration is not only a matter of EU28 and LAC countries; it involves many other countries, especially the US. EULAC scientific collaboration will become harder and harder to separate from the whole scientific network that scientists from all countries are already building. In summary, it highlights the building of a global scientific collaboration network in which the role of the 28 European countries and the United States is crucial for the scientific development of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The full paper can be downloaded on and an animated version can be viewed from our Youtube account on 

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