Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


International Seminar “Human Development, interculturality and social policies: experiences and perspectives from Latin America and Europe. PUCP April, 18, 2018

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This Seminar was organized by the EULAC FOCUS project’s PUCP team in Lima, with support of the IDHAL (Instituto de Desarrollo Humano de América Latina - Human Development Institute for Latin America), the CISEPA (Centro de Investigación Sociológica, Económica, Política y Antropológica – Research Centre in Sociology, Economics, Politics and Anthropology), and trAndes (Programa de Posgrado en Desarrollo Sostenible y Desigualdades Sociales en la Región Andina - Postgraduate Program on Sustainable Development and Social Inequalities in the Andean Region). 

The purpose was to open a dialogue about complementarity between human development and interculturality approaches in light of the EULAC FOCUS reflection about social policies models and implementations in Latin America and Caribe, and Europe. Contributions of both approaches were especially emphasized concerning inequalities, discrimination and social mobility.

The seminar took place at the PUCP campus. The public consisted in specialists with experience in those domains (both from the State and from civil society), academic people and students (especially postgraduate students).


Here were the different parts of the event:

  • After the formal introduction by Silvana Vargas (IDHAL) and Carmen Ilizarbe (CISEPA), a general approach to Human Development and diversity was presented as the challenge for the current time by Isabel Yépez, professor and researcher of the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). She proposed an interesting criticism about development exclusively conceived as economic growth and was commented by Fidel Tubino, professor at the PUCP, a Peruvian specialist in intercultural and human development issues.
  • The first thematic session took then place about Human Development and Interculturality. Juan Ansion (from the PUCP and IDHAL) spoke from Latin America and Peru in order to show the existence, in the continental experience and reflection, of a lot of stuff to be considered in the dialogue with Europe.
  • Bárbara Göbel, from the Free University of Berlin and the Ibero-American Institute of Berlin, and the leader of the cross-cutting topics of EULAC Focus project, presented the main ideas of the EULAC FOCUS project since she spoke about the social, cultural and scientific dimensions between Europe and Latin America and Caribe. In this presentation, she emphasized the importance of listening and learning from each other, form an intercultural approach.
  • Narda Henriquez, from trAndes, commented about the importance of that debate between both continents.
  • The second thematic session was focused on interculturality and public policies.
  • As one of the best specialists in that theme in Latin America, Luis Enrique López, spoke not only about educational policies, but also in general about intercultural policies. He showed the great experiences existing in Latin America in this domain. His own experience in Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala and mucho more countries, was a good basis for his argumentation.
  • And from Peru (IDHAL – PUCP), Norma Correa showed us that programs oriented to diminish poverty are much more efficient when they have an intercultural approach.
  • As a manner to conclude these well-nourished speeches, a conversation was organized between Isabel Yépez, Bárbara Göbel, Luis Enrique López and Norma Correa, where they had the opportunity to dialogue about the tensions and opportunities of introducing the human development and intercultural approaches in public policies. Due to the density of those issues, the time reserved in each part for public questions and commentaries had not be used, so that this time was also dedicated, during all one hour, to listen the very interesting and pertinent commentaries of the public. A lot of experiences and mature reflections were here transmitted.
  • Finally, the Congresswoman Tania Pariona commented about what she had heard and talked about what she is trying to do in benefit of indigenous people, since she is part in the Peruvian Republic Congress of the “Comisión de los Pueblos Andinos, Amazónicos Y Afro Peruanos, Ambiente y Ecología “.

The seminar was planned from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., and ended finally near to 10 p.m., but people didn’t get tired. On the contrary, the auditorium with hundred seats remained full during all this time and another room had to be open with a giant screen to accept more people, since all the seminar was being live and direct transmitted.

The full video of the seminar can be found on

EULAC-FOCUS at the LASA Congress in Barcelona 23 - 26 May 2018

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The EULAC-FOCUS project will be present at the LASA Congress in Barcelona from the 23rd to 26th May 2018:

  • a number of our partners will be presenting papers in panels throughout the congress,
  • we are also represented in booth R07 in the exhibitor hall and
  • we will be hosting a Reception on Thuesday 24th May from 9:30pm to 11:00pm Sala CCIB 134 - P1
  • and finally we will be hosting a Panel on Saturday 26th May from 5:45pm to 7:15pm Sala CCIB 112 - P1 on How to Give Focus to EU - CELAC cultural, scientific and social relations: Who, What, Where and How?

EULAC-FOCUS reception at LASA Congress on Thursday 24th from 9:30 to11:00pm

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The EULAC-FOCUS project will be hosting a reception at LASA Congress on Thursday 24th from 9:30 to11:00pm. 

The reception will take place in Sala CCIB 134 - P1 and all registered participants and guests are welcome to join us. It will be a good opportunity to meet some of the consortium partners and discuss the work that we have been carrying out under this EU funded Horizon 2020 project in a more informal environment.

Panel: La dimensión científica de las relaciones entre Europa y América Latina: complejidades y desafíos, 25th May, Lasa Congress

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The Panel entitled: "La dimensión científica de las relaciones entre Europa y América Latina: complejidades y desafíos" will take place at the LASA Congress on Friday 25th May from 10:45am to 12:15pm at Hotel SB Diagonal Zero, Planta 1, Sala Norte América in Barcelona.

The panel will feature partners in the EULAC FOCUS project including speakeers Sophie von Knebel from DLR and Barbara Göbel from IAI as well as session organizer Peter Birle from IAI.


Enrique Fernández: Relaciones científicas e internacionalización de la ciencia: Chile y Alemania, 1950-2017
Sophie von Knebel: Towards a European - Latin American and Caribbean Common Research Area? An analysis of the bi-regional scientific cooperation
Barbara Göbel:  Más allá de la movilidad: ¿Qué es lo que caracteriza a las relaciones científicas entre Europa y América Latina/Caribe?

Chair: Sophie von Knebel

Session Organizer and Discussant: Peter Birle

EULAC-FOCUS panel At LASA Congress Saturday 26th 5:45 to 7:15pm

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The EULAC-FOCUS focus project will be hosting a panel At LASA Congress Saturday 26th 5:45 to 7:15pm, Sala CCIB 112 - P1:

A EULAC-FOCUS Panel: How to Give Focus to EU-CELAC cultural, scientific and social relations; Who, What, Where and How?

Sponsor: EULAC Focus, an EU funded Horizon 2020 project

Session Organizer: Ramón Torrent, President of OBREAL and Scientific Coordinator of EULAC Focus at Samui-France

Chair: Ramón Torrent, President of OBREAL and Scientific Coordinator of EULAC Focus at Samui-France

Discussant: Paola Amadei, Director, EU-LAC Foundation


Sustainability/Environment/Climate Change/Biodiversity: How to tackle them in EU – CELAC relations?

Barbara Göbel, Director, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Germany

Challenges and Opportunities. Can CELAC become more than a framework for coordination?

Adrian Bonilla, Former Secretary General of FLACSO and current Vice-minister of Higher Education of Equador

Articulating different spaces and levels of cooperation: The experience of the Trans-Atlantic Platform

Alice Dijkstra, NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and Member of the Management Team of the Trans-Atlantic Platform

Articulating different spaces and levels of cooperation: Iberoamerican Cooperation and EU-CELAC Cooperation in Education and Culture

Paulo Speller, former Secretary of Higher Education (Brazil) and current Secretary General of the Organization of Iberomaericna States for Education and Culture (OEI)


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