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The Hot Topics web conferences, are organized within the framework of the EU LAC Focus project with the aim to contribute by: discussing emerging research topics of the project, defining fields of action for the renewal of the dimensions, supporting the dialogue of cross-cutting topics, attracting new actors, fostering the alignment of the consortium partners, and disseminating the project activities and results.

First “Hot Topic” Web conference: Research Infrastructures

How to develop a harmonized and aligned regional approach to research infrastructure policies? How to find a common language to start a dialogue?

For date and location of the web conference, please check the regularly updated information on the hot topics web page 

The fifth Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) on Science and Technology of the EU-CELAC Joint Initiative on Research and Innovation (JIRI) from 14 March 2016 confirmed the need to ensure a strategic regional partnership in research and innovation through the development of the EU-CELAC Common Research Area. Senior officials committed towards the research infrastructures dimension as one of the three strategic pillars of this Common Research Area (CRA).

In order to enable a structured dialogue on research infrastructures, the European Commission is setting up a bi-regional Working Group on Research Infrastructures (WG RI), which would support policy making in the RI dimension and would facilitate multilateral initiatives leading to a better use and development of research infrastructures in the two regions.

For that reason, the EU LAC Focus Project will support this Working Group by organizing the first web conference on bi-regional dialogue on the subject of Research Infrastructures.

The web conference will be aimed at representatives of research infrastructures of CELAC and EU. They will be invited to the conference as participants in order to enrich the discussions.  

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