Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


The Cultural Dimension of EU-CELAC Relations - Vienna meeting, 7 June 2018

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Work for the EULAC-FOCUS research into the cultural dimension of EU-CELAC relations aims at proposing ambitious and affordable cultural relations strategies and actions between the EU and CELAC. The Vienna meeting that took place in June 2018 was the opportunity for the WP3 - Cultural Dimension team to present what they have accomplished so far and what their next aims and objectives will be.

The main objectives of the research carried out by the cultural dimension team is:

  • To analyze the past and current bi-regional cultural relations by building a repository of key documents affecting this relationship.
  • To identify key instruments used to support cultural relations policies between the EU and other world regions in order to formulate recommendations focus on the EU-CELAC relationship.
  • To propose high impact action to develop an ambitious and affordable cultural relations strategy between EU and CELAC.
  • To diffuse the research done among the main stakeholders.

This is done via a number of exercises including an online document repository, a Delphi and SWOT exercises, a workshop that took place in Buenos Aires in November 2017 (more info), a meeting with ministers of culture at the XIX Conference of Ibero-American Ministers of Culture and a number of e-workshops. The research will culminate into 3 main deliverables: the online repository of analytical documents, a High impact actions document and an open source publication on pathways to renewed bi-regional cultural relations.

The recent Conference of Ibero-American Ministers of Culture that took place between 3rd and 4th May 2018 was the opportunity for the team to present the project at the level of ministers of culture and obtain contributions and feed-back from the ministries. Actions and results from this key event included:

  • The Ministers received before the Conference a Synthesis document on EULAC Focus
  • Presentation of the Aims and future recommendations of the Project EULAC Focus to the Minister’s plenary
  • EULAC Focus appears in the final declaration of the conference
  • Survey sent to the Ministries (final results expected in August 2018)

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