Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU - CELAC relations


Conference on "To overcome the scientific gap? The circulation of knowledge as an alternative to dependence"

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Traditionally we have been thinking of the scientific relations between Europe and Latin America through the concept of dependency; From the works on the scientific institutions that Hebe Vessuri has promoted to the most recent empirical works of the sociology of the science that Pablo Kreimer has promoted.

Dr. Rigas Arvanitis (Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Societé IFRIS, Paris) examines the possibilities offered by the massive development of scientific globalization and the new scientific cosmopolitanism. We analyze the unequal material conditions of scientific collaborations and present some proposals on the importance and forms of knowledge circulation.

Date: Monday 20th Februrary, 19:00
Location: Room Simón-Bolívar @ IAI
Language: Spanish

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