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EULAC Academic and Knowledge Summit, El Salvador, 5-6 October 2017

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The EULAC Academic and Knowledge Summit, "Towards the construction of a Euro-Latin American and Caribbean common space of, Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation" took place on 5-6 October 2017 at the University of El Salvador with the support of  institutions including Consejo Permanente de Consejos de Rectores, EUA, CSUCA, AUGM, UNICA, ENLACES and UDUAL. The Knoweledge Summit also had the full support of the two Co- Presidencies of the EU - CELAC Summits of Heads of State and Government as well as of the EULAC Foundation.

The summit had over 500 participants from Europe and Latin America and the Carribean, and high profile speakers including Chancellor Hugo Martinez, Foreign Minister and Chancellor of the Republic of El Salvador, Mr Andreu Bassols, Ambassador of the EU in El Salvador and Mr Roger Armando Arias, Rector of the University of El Salvador.

EULAC Focus was one of the key supporters of the Summit and was represented in El Salvador by a number of its partner organisations. In particular, the project coordinator,Ramón Torrent, was called upon to speak on a number of occasions, in particular to moderate the round table Institutional Bi-regional Framework: "Promoting biregional cooperation from an institutional perspective: The role of structural projects and cooperation between Associations and Networks" on the first day straight after lunch. 

Mr Simone Belli director of YT-IN Research, Yachay Tech, Ecuador and co-leader of EULAC FOCUS' Work on the scientifc dimension of EU LAC relations, also moderated one of the thematic panel session on "Construction of a Euro-Latin American and Caribbean Common Space for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation", as well as speaking on the subject of "the contribution of universities to territorial development". Miss Sophie von Knebel, Project Manager for DLR, Germany and leader of EULAC FOCUS' Work on the scientific dimension of EU LAC relations spoke in the parallel thematic panel on the "contribution of universities to 2030 agenda: articulation between the sustainable development goals and higher education", moderated by Mr Moacyr Martucci, from USP, Brazil, and also one of the project's transectorial board member.

Finally Ms Florencia Paoloni, technical and scientic secretary at IILA, Italy, one of the project's partner was chosen as official rapporteur not only for the round table of the bi-regional institutional framework but also as the overall parallel thematic panels rapporteur. Our transectorial board member, Paola Amadei, Executive Director of the EU-LAC Foundation was also chosen as one of the speakers during the closing ceremony.

Sharing a firm commitment to the achievement of more prosperous, cohesive, inclusive and sustainable societies, for the benefit of future generations, after 2 days of presentations and discussion, the organisers and participants agreed to:

  • To reaffirm and renew adherence to the principles and objectives enshrined in previous declarations and agreements
  • To express commitment to the construction of the Euro – Latin American and Caribbean Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Area
  • To establish an alliance with the United Nations System that, via the commitment of universities adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals, will enable the participation of higher education and research institutions in the promotion and development of 2030 Agenda
  • To deepen and enhance academic mobility, cooperation among institutions and the exchange of experiences and good practices in teaching, research, outreach and management
  • To foster bilateral, regional and bi-regional agreements for the recognition of diplomas and curricula
  • To encourage and support the creation of a collaboration framework for EU and CELAC national and regional quality assurance, accreditation and evaluation systems
  • To promote cooperation between scientific research, technology and innovation systems
  • To foster the construction of the Latin American and Caribbean Higher Education Area (ENLACES)
  • To welcome the constitution of the CELAC-EU University Council, as an organisation and institutional forum for dialogue, concertation and cooperation among universities, councils, conferences, associations and university networks
  • To request that the higher education institutions and networks that are part of the Organising Committee for this Academic and Knowledge Summit, along with CELAC-EU University Council, take specific actions to fulfil the commitments of this Declaration
  • The progress towards the Euro-Latin American and Caribbean Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Area requires a coordinated and generous effort from all institutions that are committed to it, so must be underpinned by an institutional structure that promotes its continuous progress and adequate bi-regional articulation
  • To request Heads of State and Government to consider, within the framework of the Third CELACEU Summit, the proposals of this Declaration and to agree on concrete measures that will yield new impetus to the construction of the Common Area

For more information on the event in Tweets, and photos, please see our Storify story on: Photographs can also be found on our instagram account on: and videos will be published shortly on our youtube accounts on To download the full declarion, click here

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