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EULAC-FOCUS Kick Off meeting took place in Madrid, 4-5 April 2016

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The EULAC-FOCUS Kick Off meeting took place in Madrid, Spain from 4th  to 5th  April 2016. Close to 50 invited guests and 28 project partners took part in the meeting, which was the opportunity for all to find out more about what the project promises to achieve and for the project partners to discuss and start working on the key objectives of the projects.

The meeting started on Monday 4th with inaugural and welcome session presented by Paulo Speller, General Secretary of OEI, Alfonso Gentil Álvarez-Ossorio, Director de la Unidad de Internacionalización de la Educación Superior and Ramon Torrent of Universidad de Barcelona. 

Followed presentations setting the project in its context within the Horizon 2020 Programme by Amélie Birot-Courcy, the project's EC Project Officer, within the EU-CELAC political context by Agustina Velo of MINCyT Argentina and within the context of opportunities for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation by Carolina Rodríguez, of NCP Challenge 6.


Finally, Ramon Torrent, coordinator of the project, introduced the project vision to all and encouraged open discussions and feedback. This closed the public session of the meeting, which continued with open discussions within the project team on objectives, processes and expected outcomes, as well as working sessions for all project partners.

The meeting was not only the opportunity to present the project to interested parties, which it achieved by all accounts, but also the chance for all partners to sit together and plan the work that will be carried out over the next 3 and a half years. All work package leaders, co-leaders and participants reported that great progress had been made after those 2 intensive days of meeting and that a clear path was now laid for effective work to commence.

We look forward to meeting again as a team in Berlin, Germany in August 2016, which will be the opportunity to meet and present the project to new stakeholders and interested parties.

For more information on the programme of the meeting, please visit: 

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